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Estate Planning – Services Range From $175 to $4,500

Our Legacy and Estate Planning Session is not your typical initial consultation. During your session, we guide you through estate planning and help you organize your assets and resources so you can finally relax about what you have and what protection you need. The session is a real working meeting where you will:

  • Choose the Right Guardians for Your Children

  • Get Your Financial House in Order and Keep it That Way.

  • Confirm You Are Making Smart Financial Choices About Things Like Saving for College, Keeping Your Money Safe, and Buying Life Insurance;

  • Ensure Your Kids (& Spouse) Are Prepared for Life Without You

  • Discover How To Legally Avoid ALL Estate Taxes & Keep Your Family Out of Court

  • Learn the Secret to Protecting Your Kids’ Inheritance From Lawsuits and Divorce

  • Discover How to Leave Your Loved Ones a Gift Far Greater Than All the Money in the World

The right Marietta, Georgia, estate planning lawyers is necessary to secure your legacy for your family after your demise. A skilled and experienced estate planning attorney from the office of Perigon Legal Services will provide counsel and advice on legal process, estate planning matters, wills settlement among family members and provide legal counsel during the probate process.

Estate Planning Services in Marietta, GA


Here’s a brief overview of estate planning services provided by a lawyer.

  1. Drafting Wills and Trusts: In the estate planning process, the two essential elements are Wills and Trusts. A probate lawyer will help you navigate family law and prepare wills and trusts that will help you in planning ahead.
  2. Advance Healthcare Directives and Power of Attorney: Living wills or advanced healthcare directives allow individuals to specify their healthcare preferences when they need them. A power of attorney allows individuals to appoint someone to make financial and legal decisions on their behalf in case of incapacitation.

Other than these, the estate planning services also include asset protection and business succession planning, and probate and estate administration. Consult with a probate attorney to create a Georgia estate plan.


How to Schedule Your Legacy Planning Session

To get the process started, schedule a legacy and estate planning session with one of the most knowledgeable lawyers in Marietta, GA, who is experienced in estate planning practice areas, including probate, estate administration, wills, trusts, and elder law legal matters.

  1. Call (770) 268-2475 and schedule your meeting. (This will usually be within a week after you contact us.)
  2. After you have scheduled your meeting, you must return your Personal Information Form within 24 hours before your scheduled meeting. The Form provides your attorney with the information necessary to make the meeting most valuable to you and your family.


What Happens at the Initial Meeting?

At your meeting with a top estate planning attorney Marietta GA, which usually lasts 1-2 hours, we will review your concerns and goals and identify the best ways for you to ensure your legacy and financial security for your family. We will also look at how to make things as easy as possible for your loved ones after you are gone.

By the end of the meeting, you should understand your estate planning options, what they will cost, and whether Perigon Legal Services is really the right law firm for you. If you decide we’re not a great fit, that’s okay! We are happy to refer you to another estate planning lawyer that better fits your goals.


What Attorney Will You Meet With?

All potential clients meet with Perigon Legal Services founder Stan Faulkner. Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Stan has practiced law for over 18 years, and in that time, he’s helped hundreds of families achieve peace of mind through estate planning. With so many years of experience in estate planning and related practice areas, it’s safe to say this is his passion. You can learn more about Stan here.

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“Many aspects make Stan Faulkner of Perigon Legal Services different than other firms. As a knowledgeable advocate and litigator with 15 years of experience, Mr. Faulkner has held bar licenses in Connecticut, Illinois, and Missouri, as well as Georgia. He has appeared in the Court of Appeals in Illinois and Missouri and successfully prosecuted in both federal and state courts.

He additionally uses his skill and experience to help people in business and contract disagreements and probate matters, including guardianships and conservatorships. As one of the most esteemed Marietta estate lawyers, he is determined to serve his clients’ legal needs.


Let us show you the difference.

We speak differently than most estate planning attorneys in Marietta GA; we talk more like you than most of our colleagues. That’s because we are you — first and foremost, we are entrepreneurs, business owners, and families just like you who understand what it takes to start a business, grow a business, do a business succession planning, and turn that business into a venture that improves the world forever.

Often, in the typical estate planning experience, you’ll meet with an estate planning lawyer who will speak in “legal-ese,” over-complicate things and confuse you. You’ll get the idea your estate planning lawyer is smart and seems to know what he or she is doing, so you’ll nod and answer questions as if you understand everything. Because you want to do the right thing for your family and for your business, you’ll have the lawyer prepare documents for you and you’ll sign the documents, feeling relieved that you got THAT taken care of.

Our clients have a far different experience. We realize that every one of our clients has different objectives. We take great pride in giving each of our client’s individualized representation and laying out all the possible outcomes of a case. No one’s case is the same as the next, and we are dedicated to helping you understand the laws that affect your particular case.


When you are ready to contact will lawyers in Marietta, GA for estate planning services, our thoughtful estate planning packages provide varying levels of protection, suited to your unique goals and needs.


Does Not Include Probate Avoidance, Power of Attorney or Advance Directive.



Includes Testamentary Trust, Guardianship, Power of Attorney and Advance Directive.



Includes Deed and Asset Transfer, Power of Attorney and Advance Directive.


Includes Power of Attorney and Advance Directive.



Includes Power of Attorney and Advance Directive. Does Not Include Deed and Asset Transfer.



Includes Sub Trusts, Guardianship, Deed and Asset Transfer, Power of Attorney and Advance Directive.


To ensure your interests are protected, Marietta estate planning attorneys can explain the distinction between wills and trusts. Where a will requires a period of probate , a trust goes into effect immediately after the testator’s death.

Trust enables the “trustee” to oversee the testator’s estate upon death and lasts until the funds are gone or the trustee’s death. Although a handwritten will or one that used an online will template is often legally binding, a trust must be prepared by an attorney. The right Georgia estate planning lawyer can advise you of all of your options. If you want to set up a living trust to guarantee your estate plans are secure and adhered to, you need a skilled lawyer.

Draft Your Most Important Documents

Do you need help writing a will or trust? If so, contact Perigon Legal Services, LLC. Stan Faulkner excels at drafting wills for clients throughout the region. By composing an ironclad, error-free will or trust, you’ll help your heirs avoid the delays and complications of an extended probate ordeal.

Stan Faulkner can help you:

  • Decide what will happen to your assets after you’ve passed away.
  • Choose which of your heirs will receive your most valuable property.
  • Leave a positive legacy for your loved ones.

As a skilled Marietta estate planning attorney, Stan can provide you with the documents needed to meet your goals. Call 770-268-2475 to request a Legacy Planning Session.


Form a Trust with Estate Lawyers Marietta GA

If you want to make a major impact on your assets and property, forming a trust is the way to do it. The trust attorneys in Marietta GA at Perigon Legal Services will make the process easy. Call 770-268-2475 today to schedule a Legacy Planning Session.


A guardianship in GA is a vital legal tool that permits a person or government entity to make choices for another individual. In Georgia, guardianship is the legal process by which a person (or state entity) petitions the court for the right to act as the guardian for someone who they deem to be incapable of taking care of his or herself.

Once the guardianship has been granted, the “ward” no longer has the right to make their own decisions. Therefore, courts carefully determine whether the individual is incapable of taking care of him/herself and that this step is in their best interest. A guardianship attorney or a special needs trust attorney in Marietta GA understands how to advise and represent their clients in various Georgia estate planning matters and related practice areas.


Tackling Guardianship Cases Since 2001

Is one of your family members mentally disabled? What can you do to make sure their affairs are taken care of? Hire Marietta estate planning attorney Stan Faulkner at Perigon Legal Services, LLC to establish guardianship.

Our lead attorney for will in Marietta GA has years of experience helping Atlanta and Marietta’s residents do estate planning and plan for the future of their estates. He can help you do the same for your loved one. He’ll present a prepared estate planning case for the court so you have the best chance at your desired outcome. Get in touch with us today to make your request.

Legal Guardianship in Georgia

A qualified and knowledgeable lawyer for guardianship in Georgia can simplify the process. Although you do not require a lawyer to petition for guardianship, a special needs trust attorney in Marietta GA can provide valuable insight and legal advice. They can offer reasonable expectations and enhance the likelihood of obtaining guardianship, especially if it is protested. Plus, they can represent you, reducing the required time, energy, and cost.


We’ll prove guardianship is the only way.

For the court to grant your petition of guardianship, you must prove guardianship is the only option to meet your loved one’s needs. Our Marietta, Georgia, estate planning lawyer will help you build a case to prove the alternatives to guardianship will not work for your loved one. Some alternatives to guardianship for financial decisions include:

  • Power of attorney
  • A substitute payee for public benefits
  • Informal arrangements
  • Joint title on bank accounts and other property
  • Living trusts

If none of those alternative options will work for you, reach out to Perigon Legal Services, LLC to start the court process.


A conservatorship is where one person (the conservator) is given control over the financial matters for another incapacitated person referred to as a “ward.” The conservator has no authority over the ward’s personal affairs, however. A few of their responsibilities include planning a budget, paying the bills, and filing taxes, as well as overseeing the ward’s financial investments.

In Georgia, petitioning to become a conservator is a complex and lengthy process. Since a ward has severely reduced personal rights regarding their monetary decision-making, the courts strive to determine that this step is in their best interest. To improve your outcome, it is wise to retain an attorney who is experienced in estate planning, elder law, guardianship, and conservatorship hearings.

Take Over Your Elderly Parent’s Financial Responsibilities

When you need to establish a conservatorship over a family member, an elder law attorney Marietta GA at Perigon Legal Services, LLC can guide you through the process. Our lead Marietta estate planning and elder law attorney, Stan Faulkner, knows how difficult it can be to manage the finances of an elderly or dependent family member on top of your own. He’s been helping Atlanta and Marietta, Georgia families in similar situations since 2001, and he’d be happy to pass his knowledge to you.

Don’t let your elderly or disabled family members lead themselves to financial ruin. Call our offices today at 770-268-2475 to discuss your options.


Who Can File For Conservatorship?

A number of people interested in the financial or medical well-being of an elderly or disabled person can file for a conservatorship. You can file if you’re a:

  • Spouse or domestic partner of the proposed conservatee.
  • Relative of the proposed conservatee.
  • State, local entity, or agency.
  • Friend of the proposed conservatee.

The proposed conservatee can also file for conservatorship for themselves. One of the top estate planning, will and elder law attorneys in Marietta, GA can advise you of your options. If you’re ready to take over the finances or medical care of a loved one, contact us today.

Let Us Help You

Life can surprise people every day. Those who die without developing a Georgia estate plan would have their estate go through a probate process and their family members potentially may not be taken care of properly.

On the other hand, many people don’t consider they have a considerable property, so they end up thinking an estate planning process is not necessary in their case. However, the estate planning process is for anyone who would like to ensure their family members are taken care of after they’re deceased.

Choosing an experienced estate planning attorney who is skilled in several areas, including estate administration and elder law would be the wisest choice. Stan Faulkner of Perigon Legal Services is one of those attorneys and he can help you create an individualized estate plan. Reach out to our office, and schedule the initial meeting so you can learn your estate planning options and what can we do for you.