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“Stan Faulkner is extremely detailed and focused on ensuring he handles every client as if they were his only client. He has excellent business acumen but also has equally strong personal skills…a rare blend.”

Katelyn D.


An estate plan is not reserved only for wealthy people. Actually, it’s for anyone who has people they care about. Every adult in Marietta, GA, has to have an estate plan that includes a will, an advance directive for health care, and a power of attorney, at least.

To get the process started, schedule a legacy planning session with one of the most knowledgeable lawyers from the office of Perigon Legal Services. We plan for the whole person, not just your money. That means you have the opportunity to plan for all possible risks, and pass on your intrinsic, hard earned life’s wisdom.


While a Will outlines how someone’s assets will be managed after death, trusts can be used to manage property while alive and are crucial for avoiding complex probate. Although anybody can create a will, certain requirements have to be met for a Will to be legally binding under Georgia law.

To formally establish a trust, it’s always best to consult an attorney to avoid having the trust challenged. A reputable estate planning and probate law firm such as Perigon Legal Services can help determine the best Will and Trust options for your case.

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When you feel a loved one or a family member has become unfit to make their own decisions regarding security and health, you can petition for guardianship. However, the responsibilities of a conservator are restricted to monitoring their ward’s monetary affairs. But, in many cases, one person can fill the role of both.

Unfortunately, petitioning for conservatorship or guardianship is often contested and can strain the entire family. Obtaining adequate legal advice from a guardianship and conservatorship lawyer in GA like Stan Faulkner can make the process go much more smoothly.

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“We knew what we wanted to do regarding our three children and eight grandchildren but did not how to do it.  You were especially helpful in recommending the setting up of custodial accounts for my grandchildren under 18 years of age with my son Stephen as the custodian.

Again, thank you.”

Don and Chris P.

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“Stan Faulkner is extremely detailed and focused on ensuring he handles every client as if they were his only client. He has excellent business acumen but also has equally strong personal skills…a rare blend.”

Katelyn D.

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“I highly recommend attorney Stan Faulkner. He’s very knowledgeable and personable and he and his staff have been wonderful to work with.”

Wendy G.

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Let Stan Faulkner, lead counsel at Perigon Legal Services, help with your family’s estate plan strategy. A Marietta, GA, lawyer can streamline your entire legal process for you.


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About William “Stan” Faulkner

Mr. Faulkner is an experienced counselor and litigator with over 20 years of experience, having held bar licenses in four states (Mo, Il, Ct and Ga). He is also the founder of Perigon Legal Services, a law firm dedicated to helping individuals, families, and small businesses in Marietta, Georgia.

He has successfully litigated in many state and federal courts in each of these states. He has also appeared in the Court of Appeal in both Missouri and Illinois.

Through is efforts, he has achieved significant results for his clients, including a settlement worth $39 million dollars for the residents of Hartford, Illinois.

Mr. Faulkner applies his experience to assist clients in probate matters, estate planning, and establishing guardianships and conservatorships. He is committed to meeting client needs with dedication.

In probate cases, he navigates the often complex asset distribution process after a loved one has passed away. Regarding estate planning, he helps clients prepare essential documents like wills and trusts to secure their family’s future. For guardianships and conservatorships, he provides invaluable assistance in legally appointing individuals to care for minors or adults who cannot make decisions for themselves. His commitment to these areas ensures tailored, high-quality service for each client.

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