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When Do You Need a Real Estate Dispute Attorney?

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Author: Stan Faulkner, Founder, Perigon Legal Services, LLC

Mr. Faulkner is an experienced counselor and litigator with 15 years of experience, having held bar licenses in four states (Mo, Il, Ct, and Ga). Stan Faulkner uses this experience and focuses his skills on the pursuit of assisting individuals in probate (trust and estate) matters, guardianships and conservatorships, estate planning, business disputes, and contract disputes. Published on:  July 29, 2021.

When a real estate dispute arises, and your case must be prosecuted, the assistance of a real estate dispute lawyer can be an invaluable resource.

Real estate litigation refers to any legal dispute involving real property or an asset in real property. Furthermore, real estate litigation features a disagreement that develops during property acquisition or a conflict over ownership rights or other interests in a property.

Many states demand the participation of a personal and business real estate attorney at the closing. However, if your state doesn’t require one, you still may wish to retain the services of a real estate attorney.

At closing, a real estate lawyer will protect your rights against a commercial real estate developer and help you regarding property disputes. Their job is to check the documents ahead of time and provide guidance on any issues or omissions.

Our team of experienced commercial real estate attorneys is here to represent you in any real estate disputes that may arise. We will provide the legal advice and representation you need to protect your interests. We have the knowledge and resources to resolve your dispute quickly, efficiently, and fairly.

Perigon Legal Services is dedicated to providing excellent legal representation and helping our clients get the best outcome possible. We have experience representing clients in a variety of commercial real estate litigation matters, including:

  • Contract disputes

  • Lease disputes

  • Zoning and land use issues

  • Condemnation and eminent domain proceedings

  • Boundary disputes

  • Landlord/tenant disputes

Whether you are a property owner, developer, investor, landlord, or tenant, our attorneys will provide the expertise and representation you need to protect your interests effectively. Read more about our real estate litigation services and how we can assist you with your dispute.

How Can Commercial Real Estate Lawyers Help You?

Under Georgia property laws, property and real estate regulations impact homeowners, landlords, and renters. States across the U.S. have various protections allowing commercial property owners to protect their assets and possessions against creditors or hostile acquisitions.

Though asset protection techniques may be only for the rich, anybody who owns a house or business as a real estate developer may benefit from protecting their possessions. Professional estate planning would help you establish plans that cover your hard-earned money by acting immediately before a debt or property dispute can arise.

The most common causes of property disputes include disagreement over rightful ownership, illegal land use, or breaching real estate contracts. Here are some situations where you must work with a real estate dispute lawyer.

Contract Disputes

Most property disputes arise regarding real estate contract breaches. It occurs when the other party in a real estate transaction does not abide by the agreed-upon points or guidelines regarding the property.

For example, your tenants are not following the guidelines mentioned in the contract, or you are not getting the agreed-upon amount from your property buyer. These situations are called breach of contract under real estate law.

Real Estate Fraud

Real estate fraud is about getting more money or another desired resource from the purchasing party out of a negotiation. It includes flipping illegal property, selling unauthorized property, and predatory lending.

Boundary Dispute

Boundary disputes are disputes among neighbors related to property boundaries. It comes when neighbors disagree on where the border arises. The root cause of this dispute is the unclear registration of a property line. Most of the time, boundary disputes are handled by title insurance companies.

Our real estate litigation attorneys have served and represented clients to help them get their rightful ownership.

Co-Owner Disputes

Co-owner disputes arise when two or more property owners disagree on the same decisions and take it to a superior court.

Specific Performance

A specific performance dispute arises when one of the parties to a real estate contract doesn’t act according to the agreed-upon points. This is when they take it to court, and the court orders the party breaching the contract to act as agreed in the agreement. Our commercial real estate lawyers can provide legal assistance in the following cases:

  • Commercial leases

  • Eviction proceedings

  • Foreclosure defense

  • Property management disputes

Find an Experienced Real Estate Attorney

Expert Counsel for Real Estate

Find an Experienced Commercial Real Estate Disputes Lawyer

Real estate litigation attorneys must be skilled and experienced in all facets of real estate development. A real estate litigation attorney represents property owners, investors, management firms, and real estate brokers. The lawyer then attends the closing to represent the seller’s/buyer’s rights.

Ask questions about the law firm’s experience handling real estate disputes and how they resolved these legal disputes before choosing one. At Perigon Legal Services, you can request a free consultation on our website or contact us at (770) 258-6192 for assistance with real estate litigation or other disputes.

A solid attorney-client relationship is the key to success among the best law firms, and this is what we uphold. If we take you on as a client, we will have your back in the federal court, superior court, or the negotiation room.


Attorneys For Real Estate Dispute and Property Dispute

It’s pretty standard for landowners to have disagreements with their neighbors or tenants, even if they are amicable. This is one of the most common property disputes.

At times, a deed description might be misleading. In other situations, someone may have misjudged the size of their property and installed a fence that extends beyond it. Environmental issues, zoning issues, nuisance claims, and other problems exist. To resolve the possible disputes, you may need to take legal action.

The first step is speaking to your neighbor when discussing a real property dispute and real estate litigation. There are often ways through which you can solve your issue without going to court.

Sadly, not all property boundary disputes and ownership disputes can be settled without resorting to the judicial system. If discussions in private with your neighbor haven’t landed on a solution that both of you can live with, it means it’s time to hire an attorney.

The next step is to send a demand letter. This one is sent from your attorney to your neighbor. The letter’s content includes a description of the situation and an action request, and it could consist of a settlement offer — an agreement to split the property in question.

Most probably, the letter will be forwarded to your neighbor’s attorney. Submit a complaint if you and your neighbor cannot reach an arrangement. Try filling a “quiet file” where the court will analyze your evidence and arguments and establish who owns the property.

Responsibilities of a Lawyer For Real Estate Dispute

All of the paperwork that is signed and submitted during the closing of a real estate acquisition is prepared or reviewed by a real estate attorney.

Lawyers provide additional legal services — advising and conducting transaction reviews. Due diligence includes examining the property’s sales price history, building code compliance, leasing conditions, and other factors.

In addition, lawyers represent their clients in court. They partake in trials and hearings, submit appeals, and write legal documents and requests. Attorneys sometimes assist clients in reaching settlement agreements by bargaining and negotiating on their behalf.

Real estate attorneys focus on residential and commercial real estate transactions, ensuring their client’s best interests are respected. They engage with insurance agents, surveyors, inspectors, real estate agents, title agents, banks, and other financial organizations.

In residential purchases, lawyers investigate if the property is susceptible to charges or liens. They ensure the seller pays the taxes and maintenance, and they attend the closing.

Moreover, the lawyers assist real estate clients with security deposits and examine documents such as the closing statement, bills of sale, promissory notes, and the expenses of sale.


What Kind Of Real Estate Litigation Attorney Do I Want?

An experienced real estate dispute attorney is the one you can count on to provide effective representation. They will assess the property’s title, evaluate property leases and other legal documents, review building codes and zoning regulations, research ordinances related to property rights, and use their expertise to ensure the property owner’s rights are safeguarded.

An experienced attorney will build a strong case and protect your property rights. They can help you understand property laws and regulations, guide you through the process, and work to resolve disputes favorably. With their knowledge and experience, they will fight for your interests and ensure you receive the best result in a property dispute.

If you’re a property owner facing a property dispute, the right real estate dispute attorney can make all the difference. With the right help and representation, you can protect your property rights and ensure you receive the desired outcome.

What Kind of Attorney Do I want for a Real Estate Dispute

Real Estate Dispute Attorney

How To Get a Qualified Real Estate Dispute Lawyer

If you’ve concluded you need the assistance of a real estate attorney for real estate litigation, ask your lender, title company, or real estate agent for a recommendation.

Schedule a meeting with a real estate lawyer to find the perfect match. See if they have any previous experience with the transaction or issue you’re dealing with. Also, check their cost structure and the payment dates and requirements.

Choose an attorney who practices residential and commercial real estate transactions, as the two are incredibly different.

If your state doesn’t demand the use of a real estate lawyer, there are chances you can proceed without one. However, the best lawyers practicing real estate litigation are always your most potent weapon when protecting your interest or facing legal difficulties or conflicts.


Top Attorney For Real Estate Dispute

To resolve real estate disputes, the attorneys within our law firm embrace a solution-oriented approach. Our real estate litigation team has helped clients recover damages and preserve their bottom line.

Our attorneys have achieved significant recoveries in design and planning negligence, commercial lease violations, purchase and sale agreements, landlord-tenant conflicts, rent reset proceedings, lease disputes, and construction claims.

We strive to provide the best legal services, offering clients a personalized partnership that guarantees success. We understand how important it is for our clients to protect their interests, and we have the knowledge and resources to ensure that happens.

If you encounter a real estate issue, please get in touch with us immediately at (770) 258-6192 or visit our website to see how we can assist you.

No matter the issue, our experienced real estate dispute attorneys have your back. We will represent you in court and protect your interests to the best of our ability. Contact us today to get started!

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