How Much Do We Charge for a Will?

Feb 19, 2018

We get this question a lot, and it makes sense. Of course, as you begin thinking about your estate plan, you want to shop around to find the right attorney for you. Your estate planning attorney should be the whole package: experienced and affordable. We strive to ensure that our services are affordable and that you receive top-quality work when you meet with an attorney.


We cannot quote a price for a will on our website or over the phone for one really important reason. Estate planning is incredibly personal, and we take the mandate seriously to provide individualized, tailored legal services to each client we meet. There is no one-size-fits-all form when it comes to proper estate planning. Each family is different, and each individual’s personal preference is unique to her or him.

We believe that it is impossible to assess the appropriate course of action or amount of time required for any individual’s estate plan until we have met you, discussed your wishes and intentions, and taken a close look at your assets. There are plenty of online, do-it-yourself companies that will charge less than $100 for a will. Not only is there no way to ensure that those documents are legally actionable in your state, there is also no one checking to make sure that the form you fill out actually does what you want it to do.


You’ve also probably seen those law firms that quote a flat-rate low price on wills either online or over the phone without ever looking at your assets or assessing your needs. Any attorney that can quote you a price for a will online or over the phone will not do a thorough job setting up your estate plan. You would do just as well with a free DIY form online.

In our firm, we start every new client relationship with a Legacy Planning Session. This is more than bare-bones intake conducted by a paralegal. We believe that the only ethical way to serve our clients is to make sure that you get plenty of time with an attorney who has the expertise necessary to make a complete assessment of your estate planning needs. During your Legacy Planning Session, you will meet with an experienced attorney who will take a close look at your assets and review your concerns and goals with you. At the end of the meeting, you will understand your planning options and the costs of each. That’s what an attorney is for! We believe in the importance of creating a complete, carefully-tailored estate plan for every one of our clients that protects your loved ones and prevents problems that may occur after you’re gone.