Importance of a Georgia Land Survey in Real Estate Matters


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The Significance of a Georgia Land Survey

When dealing with property matters in Georgia, the land survey may come into question. Learn more here.

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Author: Stan Faulkner, Founder, Perigon Legal Services, LLC

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If you want to buy or already own property in Georgia, you should get a land survey to establish boundaries. A land survey is essential in real estate as it allows for accurate boundaries of your property to be determined. This helps to prevent disputes with neighbors or other landowners.

Consider employing a qualified land surveyor for your property assessment or boundary lines determination. The importance of surveying is still relevant today as it sets up legal descriptions which can be used in case of a dispute.

You should get a survey done before making your final purchasing decision. A boundary survey will save you from a lot of stress and headaches down the road as you will know every detail about your land, including topography and improvements.

Boundary surveys are also important to get if you are planning on developing your land or planning on selling it in the future. But what’s the cost of surveying land?

Cost of Land Survey in Georgia

The costs for the survey will vary depending on the type of project, location, and complexity of the survey. A good surveyor will give fair prices estimates before they begin the project. Costs are typically broken down into two categories: field and office expenses.

  • Field expenses are associated with direct costs incurred in the area, such as wages for assistants, transportation, and supplies.
  • Office expenses are related to indirect costs incurred while in the office, such as wages for office staff, equipment, and collections.


How Much Is a Land Survey in Georgia?

In Georgia, a surveyor’s fee will vary depending on the difficulty of the work, the size of the area being surveyed, the amount of topographic information that needs to be gathered, and any special requirements. Some fixed expenses include land surveying services.

The topographic surveyor will determine the amount of detail needed in the survey. It includes whether or not a plot plan is necessary, how many elevations are required, and what type of map is needed. These expenses can vary greatly depending on the survey.

How to Find a Land Surveyor in Georgia

Georgia is currently the 8th largest state in the US, with almost 11 million residents. Its population is growing, and so is the demand for land surveys. If you are looking for a land surveyor in Georgia or need help locating one, your real estate lawyer can offer a recommendation.

A survey drawing is a map of the exact location of your land in relation to the bordering roads and property lines. You can call it a blueprint of your land. It also shows the boundaries, center point, and size of your plot. 

If you want to buy or sell property, a survey is crucial because it shows exactly what you’re purchasing. Having reliable boundary surveys will reduce the chances of future disputes in the future.

Where to Get a Land Survey in Georgia

Land surveying and building permits are some of the most critical phases of a construction project. If a property survey is incorrect, it can cause various problems for homeowners and builders alike.

In Georgia, there are three types of surveyors: 

  • Registered surveyors. They are qualified individuals who have passed the exams outlined by the Georgia Professional Surveyors Board. Registered surveyors also have to complete continuing education hours every year to keep their status.
  • Licensed surveyors. They are qualified individuals who have passed the Georgia Professional Land Surveyors Board’s outline and have completed a state-approved internship.
  • Individuals who have passed the Georgia Professional Surveyors Board’s outline and have completed a state-approved internship.

How Do I Get a Survey Report on My Property?

When you’re buying or selling a property, it’s important to know every detail about that property. A report will tell you everything you need to know about your land.

The best way to get an updated survey report on a property is to hire a surveyor, but you may be able to access older survey reports by searching the appropriate databases. 

A survey report can help you get better financing, sell your property for more money, and ensure that the property is suitable for development. There are several steps to getting the report, and you should take them seriously.


How to Record a Land Survey in Georgia

If you are planning to record a survey in Georgia, there are specific procedures that you should follow. The document created as a result of this survey is known as a “Plat of Survey” and is considered the most accurate representation of an area. 

The basic steps that you have to follow to record a survey are:

  1. Identify the land size that you want to survey.
  2. Mark the boundary lines with stakes and flags.
  3. Measure the distance between the boundary markers using a measuring tape or another device.
  4. Sketch the area on graph paper or the computer.
  5. Calculate the area of the polygon.

Does Georgia Require a Land Survey?

The law of Georgia mandates that plots of land or parcels be surveyed prior to the issuance of any deed conveying the ownership of said property.

Most states require a survey before a property can be titled. If you are considering buying property in Atlanta GA and want to know if a survey is required, you will have to check with a responsive and powerful real estate attorney in Atlanta. If you will buy land in another location, it is always best practice to get a professional surveyor’s opinion on the matter to make an informed decision.

If you’re considering investing in new construction, it’s ideal to hire an experienced real estate dispute attorney to complete the process. At Perigon Legal Services, have been continuously providing excellent service and have helped countless people with legal descriptions for their surveying needs. Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation.

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