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Cherokee County Probate Court is the central court that handles all matters of estate and inheritance in Cherokee County, Georgia.

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Author: Stan Faulkner, Founder, Perigon Legal Services, LLC

Mr. Faulkner is an experienced counselor and litigator with 15 years of experience, having held bar licenses in four states (Mo, Il, Ct and Ga). Stan Faulkner uses this experience and focuses his skills in the pursuit of assisting individuals in probate (trust and estate) matters, guardianships and conservatorships, estate planning, business disputes and contract disputes. Published on August 29, 2019.

Among the various activities carried out by the Probate Court of Cherokee County, Georgia, dealing with the estate issues of the deceased is among the primary ones. Many of these include paying the financial obligations and estate tax, as well as distributing the monetary resources and property to the beneficiaries of the deceased.

When a Georgia citizen, or even a non-resident who owns property in the state, passes away, a number of processes may take place in the Probate Court of Cherokee County. Since each state and even individual county within a state has its own set of regulations, it can make probate court a very complex situation to navigate. Having the assistance of a qualified attorney like those from Perigon Legal Services is invaluable.

Cherokee County Probate Court GA

An estate law attorney, such as Stan Faulkner from Perigon Legal Services, who is certified in the Probate Court of Cherokee County, GA, will have the ability to help you determine the best course of action for your situation.

Canton GA Courthouse

The Canton, GA courthouse is the home of the Probate Court Cherokee County. Presided over by Judge B. Keith Wood, the Canton courthouse is located at 90 North Street, Suite 340, in Canton, GA 30114. Besides state and federal holidays, the Probate Court of Cherokee County is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. You can reach the office by calling 678-493-6160.

When planning your estate, it’s a good idea to retain a proper probate lawyer to ensure your property and last wishes are secure and followed. In the meantime, you can get started by reading Perigon Legal Services’s guide explaining – “What is probate?”.

Cherokee County Courthouse Canton GA

The Cherokee County Courthouse in Canton GA, is an “Article 6” court with a broadened jurisdiction. Under Article 6 of Title 15, Chapter 9, Probate Judges in counties with populations of 90,000 or higher typically need to have credentials equivalent to those of a Superior Court Judge, consisting of being a certified lawyer for at least seven years.

Article 6 Courts might perform jury trials in some matters. In fact, appeals in Article 6 Courts go straight to the Cherokee County, Georgia, Probate Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court.

Probate Court Canton GA

Generally, staff members of the probate court in Canton, GA, are restricted from what they can offer by way of advice. However, fundamental details like where you are required to go to manage a specific matter fall within their responsibilities. More detailed suggestions on a particular case or legal concern would be better addressed by a lawyer certified in the state of Georgia.

Since Probate Court of Cherokee County matters are rather detailed, it’s extremely advised that you consult a business and estate lawyer licensed in Georgia.

How do I file a will for probate in Cherokee County Probate Court?

To file a will for probate in Cherokee County Probate Court, start by gathering the necessary probate court forms available from the court’s website or office. Submit these forms, including the original will, to the probate court, and pay any required filing fees.

The probate judge will then review the submission. It’s also helpful to note that while you’re at the probate court, services like obtaining a marriage license are also available. For a smooth process, consider consulting with a probate attorney familiar with Cherokee County’s specific requirements and procedures.

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Cherokee County GA Probate Court Inheritance Law

Understanding Cherokee County GA Probate Court inheritance law is necessary to guarantee one’s last wishes regarding his or her estate are accurately followed. There’s a lot of potential for one to lose assets if they do not know how the legal system works in this area, and it can result in chaos when someone dies without leaving a will containing instructions on what should happen to his or her estate.

In order to avoid any confusion down the line, you need to be proactive! As the will is considered legally binding as soon as it is signed and preferably witnessed or notarized, proper estate planning with a qualified attorney is your best bet. Additionally, a Georgia probate legal representative can be crucial when the family members of the deceased act adversarial.


Cherokee County Probate Court Georgia

If you are composing a Georgia will or thinking about preparing for your and your household’s future, a local estate lawyer can help navigate the Cherokee County Georgia Probate Court. He can not only assist you in the preparation of your estate but can also guide your household through the probate procedure when it is required.

Cherokee County GA Courthouse

In addition to the administration of estates, the Cherokee County GA Courthouse handles the following responsibilities:

  • Assessment of guardians for minors and incapacitated adults

  • Assessment of conservators for minors and incapacitated adults

  • Supplies marriage licenses

  • Supplies weapon permits

  • Supplies birth and death certificates

It also processes passport applications. Calling the Probate Court of Cherokee County or checking out their website can provide additional information.


Cherokee County Courthouse GA Lawyers

For a more in-depth profile about the Cherokee County Courthouse, GA, seeking an Atlanta attorney can provide the information you need. To learn about local lawyers, narrow your search to those who focus on the area of law you need (in this case, probate or estate services).

Then, look for attorneys who have a comprehensive website. If the law office doesn’t have a sufficient online presence, it may not be reputable. You should be able to learn about the attorney somewhat on their site, and then you can proceed to a consultation where you judge for yourself if they meet your needs.

Cherokee County GA Courthouse

Cherokee County Courthouse Lawyer

Cherokee County Probate Office Real Estate Records

If your loved one has a will or owns residential or commercial property in the county when they die, then you or the administrator of the estate should contact the Cherokee County Probate Office for the real estate records. Those with little property may not require this step.

Cherokee County Probate Clerk of Court

The Cherokee County Probate Clerk of Court can advise you of the appropriate documents. However, contacting a licensed legal representative who is experienced with these matters can consult with you and provide the best recommendations and directions.

Cherokee Probate Court and Tax Records

In Georgia, the Cherokee Probate Court and tax records include a variety of documents that are publicly available. Many of these are rather complex. Retaining the right real estate lawyer in Atlanta can help you access and understand these records.

Cherokee County Marriage Records

When obtaining Cherokee County marriage records and licenses, the names of both parties need to appear with their valid IDs, such as their driver’s licenses, state-issued IDs, or birth certificates. Candidates are required to be 18 years of age or 16-plus with parental permission.

Marriage licenses cost $56.00, payable by money order or personal check. The charge is reduced to $16 if the couple has received pre-marital counseling. The license might be acquired personally at the courthouse.

Consult with our experienced lawyer via a phone call and understand these things in detail.


Legal Resources and Support in Cherokee County


While navigating the probate process in Cherokee County, you need legal resources and support. This can range from deciding when to hire a probate lawyer to identifying and understanding the available legal aid and support services within the county.

Working with a probate lawyer can help you save time and resources. With someone experienced, who is familiar with the ins and outs, you can get help in navigating the situation with better knowledge.

Legal aid and support can be obtained from local legal clinics, nonprofit organizations, or volunteer lawyer networks.


Cherokee County Georgia Probate Court Divorce Records

Georgia Probate Court divorce records can also be obtained from the Probate Court Cherokee County, which also deals with wills without an appointment. Navigating the various aspects of estate and probate law can be complicated and difficult. These are not issues you want to make mistakes with, as to do so can be costly and time-consuming.  Contact Perigon Legal Services for reputable assistance and advice.

Cherokee Probate Court and Tax Records

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